Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a one car family - I laugh, I cry, it's emotional

We have been going Dave Ramsey style around here with our finances for about 4 months now... which has been wonderful yet really hard BUT ultimately full of blessings. Financial Peace is pretty awesome. If you want more info about it you can ask me personally through email or give me a call. Justin and I are pretty excited about it. We weren't huge spenders to begin with but when you really cut back and spend money with just "needs" in mind vs. all of those "wants" it really makes a difference. I haven't bought clothes in a really long time and have cut back to a few coffees out a month which was painful at first but now it's no big deal at all. Change is a hard at first but is now my new norm and really worth it.

In August Justin was at the Steilacoom Library sitting at the stop sign getting ready to turn right onto Steilacoom Blvd when a big ol' truck crashed into the back of him. Long story short, it totalled his truck and we walked away with the money and began the adventure of a one car family. It's been a little rough. I get stir crazy and like to be out of my element...almost daily. I have no choice but to be creative in my own space with the boys. I put more work into crafts for the kids and planning my days better because the option of hopping in the car to retreat to a playground is out of the picture. I am convinced Dave Ramsey would be proud. :) We really don't need two cars right now. I'm a stay at home mom and can grocery shop and run errands the three days Justin is home. It's plenty of time to get stuff done with a vehicle. We are learning to be organized and plan the week out together. My mom has been a saint and comes to rescue us when I just need to get out of this house (like today!). By the way, I really miss that truck. Justin and I have so many great memories in it. He taught me how to drive stick shift in it at Corban University's gym parking lot. Good times. Goodbye Toyota Tacoma - you were so good to us!

With another baby on the way we do want to find another vehicle but want to pay cash for it. We need to wait a little longer but are excited to find something that works great for our family for the next 5 or so years. It has to be a seven seater and not a gas guzzler. I know, I know!...it will probably be a minivan. I really am okay with that. They really are practical and incredibly convenient with loading and unloading a small crew of kids. My pride is out the door. If you see anything great out there holla at me! I looked up some seven seaters and I found some interesting options. They make me laugh and then I imagine the reality of it and want to cry. Justin sends me pictures of seven seaters off the country intranet here and there and the latest was an RV (not a nice one...actually a really creepy brown one from the 70's that was about a thousand bucks). He says things like "how cool would it be to take the whole family to my work and you guys can hangout in the parking lot, eat meals, shower, etc". He is totally joking but with these pregnancy hormones it can send me into a frenzy. Don't mess with me people. So, when you find a good deal keep my pregnancy hormones in mind. Please and thank you. This will give you an idea of what will make me laugh and what will make me cry if you need some examples.

This makes me laugh:

This makes me cry (probably because Justin would think it's half way awesome and I may believe it could be a reality just to save a few bucks...though deep down I know it's not!):

Woohooo and booohooo for car shopping!
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