Saturday, July 13, 2013

3 months

Life has been crazy busy around here. Since I last posted over a month ago we celebrated Sterling's 5th birthday at Great Wolfe Lodge, said several "see you later" to some very dear friends of ours who moved due to military life, hosted another sweet baby shower, started landscaping the yard (wooohooo and finally), have had friends over for bonfires, family from E. Oregon came for a visit, Sterling ran his first race on the 4th of July, went to a Rainier's game and ran another race (color in motion 5k) with Sterling this a.m. We are all a very tired bunch. I wanted to document pictures of Capri at 3 months even though she is closer to 4 months. Time goes by way too fast around here.
Here is a little bit about our sweet Capri:
Auburn Hair
Blue Eyes
Blows bubbles
Loves to eat her hands ALL.DAY.LONG
Tries to laugh and but it comes out as squeaks
Doesn't have much of a cry, more like a yell
Just over 14 lbs
Size 2 diapers
6 month clothing
Wakes up once in the night
Loves kisses from her dad
Get's lugged around and doesn't mind one bit

 First bathing suit :)


Happy Weekend to you all!

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