Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exploring the PNW - Owen Beach

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Timing is everything

Simplifying. I've been working at it for the past year. My personality takes the word "simple" and turns it into "complicated." I love stuff. Not expensive stuff and not even always sentimental stuff (though that is an issue), it's stuff that was free or was a great deal. It's stuff that I could somehow DIY, make into a gift or use "someday".  It's stuff that was threatened to be shipped off to goodwill or pitched into the dumpster and I would kindly say "I'll take it!" It's not good friends. You should see my closets. They are organized. But organized without an inch to spare. No margin. Zip. And the garage. Oh my. Stuff and stuff and more stuff. Stuff I don't need but am going to know, when I have all that time on my hands. Well, about a month ago I mentioned a book called 7 to two of my close friends who I meet weekly with for accountability. I really knew nothing about the book besides the name of it and something about only having seven items of clothing. I obviously couldn't do that but maybe it could help me pair down to 70 items!? ha. I didn't look into the book even after bringing it up to my friends. Deep down I think I knew if I did look into it, I'd be hooked and in for quite the ride.

The title KEPT coming to mind. Daily. And did I mention I really knew nothing about it? I had no idea it was more than ridding of clothes. Clothes, shopping, food, possessions, media and stress - an experimental mutiny against excess. Yikes. Just last week I finally got to connect with one of my best friends on the phone and ironically (maybe not the right word but it sure did feel ironic) she brought this book up and said she just read it. Say what?! Okay, it's official, I'm buying the book. What a clear sign. She told me she got it on sale through ibooks. I downloaded the app and it wasn't on sale. The Dave Ramsey in me said to just wait. THEN I went to MOPS and the gal I co-lead a table with started talking about Jen Hatmaker who is the author of 7. I asked if she read it and she said not yet. This book KEPT coming to my attention. Okay, it's official, I'm really buying the book (take two). I went about my day after MOPS and whadda ya know? The book went on sale for 2.99 - just what my cheap, I mean thrifty self needed to say "I'm all in." Timing is everything for me. I bought it and started reading. OH.MY.IT'S.SO.GOOD. I am only 30 pages in and I know it's going to rock my face off. I will be back with more of it's goodness because I already know it will forever change the way I look at things.
Buy it. You won't be sorry. It's for sale RIGHT HERE.

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