Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY felt bow headbands

I love crafting but haven't been around to it much. I mostly switch around furniture, pictures and rugs to get my crafty/artsy fulfillment and my silly need for change and/or production. I have a lot of felt and elastic left over from baby showers I have hosted where we have had a headband making station. I am trying to downsize my craft supplies because we have a couple moving in downstairs. More on that later. So, instead of getting rid of it I thought I would use some of it before I passed it along. Instead of re-inventing the wheel (who has time for that?) I wanted to share this really good and really simple tutorial along to you. Seriously, it is easy. Free template and everything. All you need to know how to do is use scissors and very little glue. Easy peasy. Here is the website: Six Sister's Stuff. All you need is scissors, felt, glue and elastic. DEFINITELY download the template. This is what makes them look good and be really easy. Free-handed bows aren't as cute as free-handed flowers. Here is my go at it:
Note: I followed the instructions to a T on the cow hide print bow and then decide to cinch in the next two for a little bit of a gathered look. A little trial and error. Both are fun, just a little bit different. You can't go wrong.
I used the big felt bow template. Cut each piece out and then pin it onto your felt and cut! This is what the template looks like:
And here they are on my little one. We love new headbands!

Here is the sizing chart I used. I think it's pretty accurate.
10" for newborns
12" for 0-3 months
14" for 3-6 months (I used this size for Capri)
16" for 6-9 months
18" for 9-12 months

Happy Crafting!
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Take 2 - Capri's Nursery

I went on a wonderful girls trip to Bellevue last weekend. It was glorious. No kids (though I did miss them a lot), tons of good food, great shopping and even better company. When we were there I knew I wanted to go the paper source. I always score good prints there. This time was no exception. I had wanted a hot air balloon print for Capri's room but no way was I going to pay a lot of money for one. Once again the paper source came through with their big prints that I believe are meant to be fabulous wrapping paper. This print was only $2.50, yes please! So, here we go again, a little re-do of a space I didn't quite love yet. I got rid of the changing pad - that little lady of mine has never had her britches changed on it. She is with me which is with the boys which is always in our toy room. She doesn't seem to mind the floor. I am loving the less cluttered wall and a dresser to decorate. Now, I just need to get the frames filled with Capri's sweet face!

 I'm sure there will be a take three...stay tuned!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Capri's Nursery

Finally, some pictures of this sweet little oasis. I love Capri's room. It's soft, sweet and whimsical. Justin and I really enjoyed painting her room and daydreaming of this unknown little girl kicking in my belly that would soon be sleeping in here. Okay, so really she is in the bassinet next to me still...but soon she will be in her big girl room. And if any of you know me well, this is completely shocking. I'm not sure if she is still sleeping next to me because she is a little girl that I want to protect, if it's because she may be my last baby and I want to soak it up or if I'm lazy and don't want to walk to her room to nurse her. It may be all of the above. She will be half a year old next week so I decided it was about time to share her room with you but I have this big problem of starting a project and not quite completing it. It's awful. That's why I haven't posted pictures till now. This room is about 90% of the way there. I didn't want to show you an uncompleted room but I decided I should just be real and let you all know that I NEVER have it together. My house is a mess right now. Pictures can be so deceiving. There are multiple baskets of unfolded laundry (that have been there for weeks) that was slid into the hallway to make the room prettier for the camera. So, here it is in all of it's uncompleted glory!
Just a little scrap book paper, scissors, tape, string and an embroidery hoop and voila!

I love her alphabet wall that my dear friend Mary-Hayden made & gifted to me at my baby shower.
 Capri's first baby booties made by my friend Laura.

Headbands and bows galore. My mom embroidered the animal ABC picture eons ago for one of my siblings when they were a babe.

Here is the room breakdown:
Curtains: IKEA
Frames: Hobby Lobby and old ones I painted
Scrap Banner: DIY
Hot air balloon mobile: DIY
Lamp: Goodwill DIY
Nightstand: my great grandma Kitty's (she'd be so proud!)
Chandelier: my great grandma Kitty's
Chair: Goodwill
Dresser: Goodwill DIY
Book shelf: DIY
Head Band and Bows organizer: DIY
Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters
Crib: Graco Sarah Classic 4-1 convertible crib

I'm sure I will be back with the finishing touches later.....
....back to some projects!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Eastern Oregon in a nutshell

I got hit by a deer. My kids have a ton of cousins and it's wonderful. My in-laws are the best! All you can see is land - no people, houses, cars or street lights. Just land. Animals were everywhere. Two new puppies, five new kitties, grandmas chickens, porcupines, barn owls, coyotes and deer everyday. Tractor rides with grandpa and uncle Just. I was a picture takin' fool. The food was wonderful, as always. Horseback rides. Four wheelers. Rope swings. No Internet or cell service. FAMILY.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Celebrating S-man

Sterling turned five this summer! Five has been good to us. He has grown A LOT. Not in just height (he is a tall boy) but in communication, boundaries, patience, responsibilities, etc. This tenacious and energetic boy has brought us a lot of joy and has ultimately taught us more about God's unfailing love. Because of Sterling I have a better understanding of the Lord's love for me as his own child. I will always be grateful that he is who God entrusted to us. He gave me the title mom. We love you Sterling! 

To celebrate our S-man, we went to Great Wolf Lodge. It was our first time there and I must say that I highly recommend it! Though it's a pricey one night stay, we decided the money we would spend to throw a party would be pretty equal. It was nice to be low key and have a memorable family trip. Capri was only 2 1/2 months old so the thought of throwing a party was a little haunting. The boys had so much fun and still talk about the hotel room and the water slides. 

If you are going to go to Great Wolf Lodge here are my tips:
1. Check in time to the hotel is around 3 or 4 but you can check in by 11 am for your water park passes and use the water park! We were there by 10 (we were a little excited) but the lobby had fun activities like hula hooping contest, coloring, bubbles, etc. We were in our bathing suits and in the park right at 11. The front desk called my cell phone to let me know our room was ready by 2 - score! 
2. Take food. There is a couple of restaurants available but of course expensive...and greasy :) There is a fridge and microwave in every room so we took popcorn, sandwiches and some other snacks.
3. There is a Starbucks in the hotel. Nice.
4. There is a really cool arcade so take your quarters! We let each kid take a bag of quarters from their piggy banks at home. When they ran out....they ran out. 
5. Check out the next day is around noon but you can continue to use the water park till 10 pm on checkout day. We had an extra bracelet so we invited my mom down to come and swim with us till dinner time!
6. It is REALLY warm inside the water park area. Capri and I were sweating. I think they keep the temps around 80 something degrees.
7. They have all the life preservers you could imagine. You don't need to take your own.
8. If your kids are under five, one night is plenty! When our kids are older and can do the water stuff more on their own we will probably go for two nights. Our littles were worn out after two days of water play.

What surprised me most about this trip was Boone's lack of fear of the water. He kind of freaked me out! He went down water slides on his own like it was no big deal. He would stand in line with teen aged kids waiting patiently until it was his turn. He would sit on the slide and look up at the life guard until he/she would say go. A life guard would have to pull him out at the bottom. Oh my. He thought it was awesome.

Bathing suits on and ready to go!

Here is Boone coming down the slide. He somehow would get turned head down every time. He would run to Justin and I for a hug or thumbs up.
This is one of the big slides that Sterling was tall enough to go on! Boone and I waited patiently for their exit on the tube! Sterling's face says it all!
"I did it mom!"
Lobby coloring

Keeping up with the big kids...

We can't wait to go again! Happy Birthday big guy! Pin It