The Olive Grove

The thing about a house is that it's just a house. It's wood, brick, morter, plaster, electrical wiring and a bunch of other peoples pets stains. A home on the other hand is warm, inviting, full of love, laughter and memories, people and relationships,'s full of life. When we moved up to Washington from Oregon we were merely looking for a house. A structure that had the right amount of bedrooms, a garage and some yard space for the wee ones to play. We purchased and dove in. This is where our energy went into making a house a home.

I chose the Olive Grove for the name of my blog for multiple reasons. First, it was the name of the paint color that we turned the master bedroom from a dingy dirty room into a place that can act as a sanctuary. It's where we dream about the future, discuss our family and relationships and rest. Secondly, the two words Olive and Grove bring to mind good meaning. When I think of Olives I think of the Olive branch which is a symbol of peace. And when I think of a grove I think of a stand of trees that you can wander around in and get lost in your thoughts while soaking in the beauty of God's creation. A grove of trees create a canopy of shade against the sun letting only slivers of sunlight in.

I have been blogging for four years now on a personal blog and I find that I blog half the time about family and half the time about crafting, cooking and projects that we work on. I decided to separate the two, though you will find posts about family (they are kind of irresistible to me) here and there on the Olive Grove. Eventually I would love to have my own shop when my babies are out of the house and this gives me a jump on a dream that is years away! Thanks for joining me on this journey!

With love,
Sarah Officer

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