Saturday, April 27, 2013

1 month

Over 1 month down as a family of five! We love this little girl to pieces and can't wait to get to know her little personality more. So far she is a big fan of eating, sleeping and pooping plus a few other more exciting things listed in the picture at the top. Capri has no idea how much she is going to be loved and spoiled being the only little girl in this family. I can't wait for all those next things like: cooing, smiling, giggling, babbling and crawling. But for now we will enjoy watching her sleep!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

a little bit of life

Capri is already 5 weeks old. Time has been a bit of a blur since her arrival but here are some of the things my mind has been consumed with:
-We had many amazing visitors come and meet Capri at the hospital which blessed me beyond words.
-My parents took the boys two days a week for three weeks so Justin could still put some hrs into work which would elongate his time home with us. I am very very thankful for them!
-I have the most amazing husband ever. Pretty sure he brought me every meal in bed for three weeks so I could feel fully recovered from my c-section. He teaches me about selflessness everyday by the way he loves  his family. He is such a great man, husband and dad.
-Our Life Church family is unreal. We had so many amazing people bring us amazing meals for many days. Their generosity blessed our family in a big big way. We love living in such a wonderful gospel community and can't imagine our life without them.
-Capri took her first shopping trip with me last week to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. Just the two of us. I was so tired afterwards and probably won't venture out again for another few weeks.
-Capri had her first beach day this week. She will most likely be a beach bum like her mom.
-Sterling and Boone are totally smitten with their little sister. Sterling cannot believe how much in love he is with her and is totally bummed he can't marry her. :) He says "I love my sister more than: going to the store to buy a new toy, more than candy, more than the galaxy and more than you." He also says "Sister is sweeter than ice cream." I love that kid. Boone walks by her and says "I love her." and "I like my baby sister." These boys make me melt.
-Grandma and Grandpa Officer came to visit us for a few days and it blessed our socks right off. The way they roll into town with no agenda but to love us and serve us was quite humbling. My MIL did all the laundry which was a lot and cooked every meal and kept the kitchen clean the whole time. I just love them and the way they play with our children. We are itchin' to see them again!
-Justin went to Las Vegas for three days and I somehow did all three kids on my own. It was scary at times  but I survived. :) I did get very ran down since I didn't get to take a nap or rest really at all and am now paying for it with a really sore throat. Thankful I got into the doctors today and am on antibiotics. AND very thankful my hubby is home to parent with me!

That's it for now. Here are some pictures that show you a glimpse of our life right now:

Capri - 10 days old 

 Capri - 3 weeks old
A little photo shoot at almost 4 weeks old that didn't go so well...hence only one picture to show. She was kind of gassy and pooped all over that blanket. Whooops! :)
 We like to bombard dad when he is mid nap.
 Big Bro's in love with their sis.

 Sterling saying "shhhh, shhhh, it's alright."

 Can you tell that I love my family? ...I'll be back soon with more pictures!!

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