Friday, March 15, 2013

The last of the bump!

FYI - Just wrote a blog post and somehow deleted it so here is the quick version of what I had wrote:

1. I am just over 38 weeks pregnant.
2. I am SO ready to be done being pregnant. I've been struggling with some bad pinched nerves in my lower back and carpel tunnel in my hands. Also, I won't mind having my normal wardrobe back. :)
3. With that said I want to make sure I proclaim my thankfulness for pregnancy. I am grateful God has given us three wonderful children (even though I hardly know the third). I am soaking in all of these last kicks, swirls and hiccups in my this may be our last.
4. We will meet little miss in 6 days or less.
5. The boys can't wait to meet her (Sterling tells her all sorts of things and even sings a song or two to her).
6. We have installed her car seat and have hospital bags packed 90% of the way.
7. I'm not sure I will be able to sleep the night before my c-section but am hoping I somehow can. 
8. I hope to get pictures of the nursery up this week but may just wait till she is in it :)
9. I had a baby shower this last week and was extremely blessed by so many wonderful woman. Thank you Mary-Hayden, Alissa, Kristy and many more for outdoing yourselves in blessing me and baby girl! I seriously have the sweetest collection of headbands and bows and little girl books! Can't wait to show you all!
10. I had my last prenatal apt last week where they did a growth ultrasound just to make sure she was big enough and she weighed in at 7lbs 2oz. We will see how accurate that is.
10. Our little lady has a name...we think! We are waiting to see her and then will make our final decision out of 4 names ...though we have one that is a favorite.

Here is the last of the baby bump pictures (left - Sterling talking to her and saying "you are so wonderful baby sister" and on the right - a very tired me after we went out to dinner). I don't know why everyone has been telling me I look so small, these pictures prove y'all wrong! I've got a torpedo!

Prayers on Thursday are very appreciated - I am always a little anxious and fearful to go through a c-section again. Thank you!

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  1. Had a quick moment to swing by your blog and see how all is going! You look so adorable! Pretty sure you are having your baby ANY moment now, but just had to say 'hi'! Can't wait to hear your baby name- I think we've got ours nailed down as well! So exciting!!