Thursday, January 31, 2013

A paper flower bouquet for your valentine

My MOPS group had a craft week a few Monday's ago and we were shown how to make these sweet flowers. I thought I would share the cuteness with you all. They are a little time consuming but super cute when you have a whole bouquet together. I made a dozen and a half for our little girls room and put them in a white IKEA vase. I love a flower that will last longer than a week. I am the worst green thumb known to man. I can't keep anything alive whether inside or out that needs any kind of maintenance. I either over water or under water so these flowers are right up my alley :) Besides cute decor, they are the perfect little valentine for kids to handout to their classmates. Just add a little tag on the stem with a sweet note.
Any size square paper (double sided with print preferably unless you want white -I used both). I ranged in sizes from 5"x5" to a 12"x12" depending on the size of flower you are going for (large yellow flower was a 12"x12" paper)
Paper for a leaf (any color you would like...creativity is all yours!)
Green floral wire (comes in a pack of 18 I believe at Michael's for under $2). Cut them to desirable length. 
Hot glue gun

1. Start to round your paper
2. Round each edge (somewhat like a circle but perfection is NOT needed)
3. Start cutting into a swirl
4. Cut the swirl all the way to the center

1. Whichever color you want on the outside of the flower have faced out (see below - color is out so the color will be the outside of the flower with white being on the inside). Start to roll as tight as possible following the swirl.
2. Roll all the way to the middle
3. Let it all loose and it will shape into a flower
4. Take the bottom of the flower (very inside of swirl) and add hot glue and press to the bottom of the flower. It will glue all the layers together.
1. Bend floral wire like a 7 or an L.
2. Put a dot of glue on the bottom of flower and press wire till dry
3. Add on leaf over wire
4. Let dry upside down for a minute or two
 To make a leaf:
1. Cut a shape of a leaf
2. Add dimension by folding the bottom together
3. Add glue to folds to keep leaf dimensional
4. Add to flower
...and voila! A whole bouquet of unique flowers that are quite sturdy! As long as my boys don't get their hands on these, they should be lasting us quite awhile!

Happy Crafting, friends!

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