Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Wreath DIY

I love wreaths. My mom made one similar to this that hangs over her mantle that I have been inspired by for quite some time. I decided it was time to try it out and taught myself along the way. I completed it in a couple hours while Sterling was at wrestling practice with a cup of coffee and an episode of Arrow to pass the time. It really is easy peasy...don't let it intimidate you. Happy gluing!

a wreath
a book
a hot glue gun

1. Tear out all the pages to your book. I think I used around 100 or so pages.
2. (Optional) Cover the back of your wreath with strips of book pages just to ensure you won't see any wreath showing through.
like so....
3. Make book petals
I highly recommend making ALL the petals first and then applying them to your wreath base once they are done. It makes for quicker production to get the tedious part out of the way all at once.

 4. Flip you wreath over on it's front and glue your first layer of petals on. (back )
5. Then start layering the petals. You shorten each layer by an inch or so by gluing more of the stem down. By the time you are in the middle you wrap your petal all the way around to the back. 
 6. Finish it off by giving it a hook or something for it to hang. I used the title page and some more hot glue. (You can see the tips of the inner layer of petals in this picture that wrapped around to the back)
And voila! I will probably go back and fill in some gaps but for now it's nice to have off the dining room table where my little people could mutilate it in second and on the wall in somewhat of a safety zone. You can make it as full as you would like with adding a couple more layers on the inside. I left room for a pair of antlers to come out of the middle....just another project on the horizon.
Happy Crafting!
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