Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 23-30 {thankfulness}

Nov. 23 - The mountains. We see Mt. Rainier everyday. It's breathtaking and majestic. Actually being on the mountain is even more amazing. It makes you feel like an ant. God is so creative with his canvas.

Nov. 24 - Grace. The free and unmerited favor of God. What an amazing free gift we have. Thankful for friends and family who give me grace as I have made mistakes, been harsh with my words and acted out of impulse. Still trying to fully understand it but am thankful for what I can wrap my mind around.

Nov. 25 - Friends. I treasure them even if I don't get to talk or be around them enough.

Nov. 26 - Doctors and Nurses. They are the best. So smart and so giving of their knowledge. Our family has ridiculously benefited from the health professionals and I seriously couldn't be more thankful. I'm pretty sure none of us would be alive without them. We like doctors and aren't afraid to find them and ask them questions. Thank you all who are in medicine and for being so smart. We appreciate you!

Nov. 27 - Peace.

Nov. 28 - Fuzzy socks. Not just normal socks but the oversized fuzzy ones. The ones you wouldn't wear out in public. I have many of them and wear them everyday. They are really ugly but so amazing on my feet...especially with our hardwood floors. Who invented these things? I thank you, whoever you are.

Nov. 29 - My mom. I'm thankful for her. She is the sweetest. Calm and collect. Thriftier than anyone I know. She loves her children and checks in with all of us daily. She is a huge supporter of my dad and will always stand by his side no matter what his endeavor is. She sacrificed a lot to be the mom she was. Driving us from one sport to another and opening up our pantry to whatever kid came to our house after school. A day of school did not go by that I didn't have a brown sack lunch with my name written on the front. She even made them for my friends that for some reason spent the night on a school night. She trusted me (maybe over trusted but trusted which meant a lot). She taught me a lot. Thanks mom for being you!

Nov. 30 - My dad. He turned 60 on this day. I am thankful for him and all that he has taught me in 29 years of life. From finances to athletics - lots of knowledge and hard work were shared and taught. I am thankful for him. Pin It

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