Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Thanks

I love the holidays! Who doesn't, though? Having Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year's back to back have my boys going nuts. Sterling even asked me today if Valentine's day would be next? He is pretty excited about all the celebrations and now that he understands seasons he is quite observant at what is next on the celebration list. Leading up to the holidays, October is FILLED with birthdays for us. My sister in-law Chelsey, cousin Joe, cousin Sam, my mom, my Boone man, Garrison and my hubby Justin all have birthday's. Phew! I'm pretty sure we have been having parties every other day and I can't wait for the ones to come. Thanksgiving is one week away and I look forward to sharing amazing food with my family and giving thanks. There is so much to be thankful for. As in the list could be hundreds more like thousands of things long. Family, health, a home, food, friendships, church are just a few and most importantly thankful that God gave his only son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and to conquer death. Amazing.

On a not as important note: decorating. I don't like to over decorate my home for each individual holiday - mainly because of the storage space it takes and the time to put them out and then pack it away. Christmas decorations win in quantity in this home and I think it will stay that way. We did a couple Thanksgiving projects that were simple. My favorite was the free printable that I found off of pinterest from Tom Kat Studio. All you had to do is order it (12.50) and then enter their promo code and it was free, sent to your email to download. Thank YOU Tom Kat Studio for making life easier on us decoration lovers who are slightly incapable of making a simple, pretty and stylish banner. I would of tried it free hand with a crayola marker and been highly disappointed. :) I backed the letters with a brown card stock I had on hand and then taped it to a thick piece of twine. I love the simplicity of it and I love that Sterling reads it everyday and shows it to everyone (he takes ownership in art projects around here and I did let him help me hang it). It's the perfect segue of asking him what he is thankful for each day. Lately it has been "earth" ...minus the "volcanoes." 

...and that fire was made by me (so proud) and I even kept it going ALL day. I love drinking a cup of coffee and listening to worship music in this room. It's a perfect was to start my day.

We also added some "give thanks" to the toy room today on their chalkboard easel. Pretty sure that lasted about an hr without being smudged. Boone has already slid his fingers through the turkey. 

I can't wait to stuff my face and eat way beyond my needs. I'll have one happy baby girl with all the food consumption that is about to go down (at least I'm convincing myself she will enjoy it as well!). Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

...and who else is putting up Christmas decorations the next day?! I know I am!!

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