Sunday, November 18, 2012

Big boy room reveal

Remember Boone's nursery? Both the boys occupy this room now so there was a lot of switching, re-arranging, projects and love put into this space. Here is the old baby room....
And here is the big boy bedroom about 90 percent of the way done! (Sorry for the unclear pics) We still need to make Boone's bed to match Sterling's, buy matching bedding and maybe a few other pieces for the wall but you get the idea. The bed won't happen for awhile since we don't need the crib till March. They are such sweet brothers in this space together. I love how much they love sharing a room and we have definitely seen their relationship blossom since becoming roommates!

Here's that lamp from the post before. Isn't it kind of fun? It would of been neat stained for a wine barrel look as well. I wanted to use what I had on hand and you can't go wrong with white. Way better than before and free to us! Still need to paint the inside of the sticks so you don't see "Lowe's" written on each one. I also need to figure out that picture with a map from Paris. I think I'll try and find a fun boy print once I get up to Bellevue again to go to Paper Source! If you are looking for a cheap large print Paper Source is your place! The print is wrapping paper. Their wrapping paper comes in sheets with super fun prints for about 2.99-3.99! Expensive for a wrapping job and inexpensive for a print!
A packed and shared closet full of boy stuff!
An old side table that goes with my old bedroom set that used to be my great grandma's. It's very vintage looking from the front and a little girly with a gold flowery knob so I just turned it around so the drawer isn't accessible = not a million toys and other junk filling it up. Kind of nice. It also had a neat stencil on the back that solidified my decision of a backwards nightstand. We just use a little galvanized bucket on the bottom for books. They love love books at nighttime. The little lamp was free from my moms garage.

Here's a little bit of a breakdown of the room if you want to know where some of the items were purchased and the amount. Honestly it was probably a 40 dollar makeover. Once we buy bedding it will be a little more expensive but I really worked on keeping this room inexpensive using a lot of free pieces and hand me downs.
At the end of Sterling's bed....
That's it for now! We got started on our daughter's room (so surreal to say that) yesterday! We got a lot done only with the help of my sister and mom watching the boys for a 5 hr streak. Very thankful for them! We primed, painted, hung lighting and curtains in her room and I made a mobile. Phew! Today I am working on her dresser/changing table. Can't wait to show you what we have done so far! Just a few more projects and the room will really start coming together. Stay tuned for another room makeover and our new and improved entry way closets!

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  1. It all looks so great! I especially like how you re-used so many items and how inexpensive this whole project is so far. The antlers are my favorite! Looking forward to seeing your baby girl room.