Saturday, November 17, 2012

two boys + 1 room = big boy room makeover

When we found out we were pregnant with our third we wanted the boys to be roommates ASAP. Here are our reasons for them sharing a room: 1. They were ecstatic about the idea. Sterling much rather sleep in the same room as Boone than have a whole room to himself. 2. We want to keep a guest bedroom available upstairs vs take up all 4 bedrooms and kick our guests to the basement. And having a designated toy room (combined with the guest bedroom) vs. having all their toys in their room is completely awesome. I never have to clean bedrooms! - just a really messy toy room but I can shut the door to that room! 3. Sharing a room makes for good teaching moments (stay in bed and turn off voices) and makes for disciplined sleep 4. It makes for a good relationship between these brothers. They pray together at night, giggle, tell each other stories and read books together. It's all sorts of preciousness to me. I told myself that I would makeover their room to almost completion before I started on our new baby's nursery even after finding out gender. I'm glad we got started early on the boys' room because I am chomping at the bit to start our daughters room. I've never gotten to decorate a little girls room before. SO.EXCITED. I have way too many ideas floating in my head...I need to get them out! You should see the lists I have. Justin looks at the said lists and says "wow, that's quite the list." I love that he will do every single project with me. Man, do I love that man! Okay back to the room makeover. I let Sterling look at some pictures of little boy room ideas and he really liked the idea of two big boy beds with pictures of the brothers above the headboards along with some cowboy theme intertwined. Perfect. Here are some of the projects we have been working on and though the room is not in total completion, it's about 90% of the way there.

Here are antlers from Eastern Oregon. These are some of my brother in laws catches from this year. Love that we can decorate using items from family and from the land. They were pretty fresh so I soaked them in a bleach water mix for a few days. The wood in the picture is what Sterling's bed is made out of. Best part? Totally free. We went to Lowe's looking for pallets and found piles of this stuff. We pressure washed it and let it dry out for a few days.
 I ran into Michael's and found these cheap wood plaques that I could paint and mount the antlers to.
And voila! A set of antlers for each boy. Their antlers match their builds. Sterling's on the left is tall and lanky and Boone's on the right are shorter and wider. :)
Next on the list was smuggling as many paint sticks from Lowe's as possible to re-do the boys lighting. At the first Lowe's I asked if I could buy paint sticks and the gal told me no but she could give me some. She gave me 2. Darn. At that rate we needed to hit up about 20 Lowe's to get the amount I needed. Justin went in after me and she gave him 8. What!? I think he looked like a contractor or something. I was a little disturbed that he got so many more than me. The second Lowe's there was a can of stir sticks out. Score! Justin went in and got a dozen. Then it was my turn and I matched his dozen. Oh yeah! We decided that was enough and felt completely ghetto at that point. I spray painted them white and let dry.
I took an old lampshade and my hot glue gun....
and began gluing around and around. The lamp shade wasn't a perfect cylinder so I need to make them gap at the bottom as the lamp shade got bigger at the bottom. No biggie. I saw this done about 3-4 yrs ago on a DIY show. Of course I can remember a project that many years out but can't remember the simple and probably more important things in life.
Here it is. Still a work in progress...
 We took the existing fixtures from Boone's old baby IKEA lamp shade and attached it to the new lighting.
 Before shade and after shade. Definitely baby to big boy.
Tomorrow I will show you how far we have gotten on Boone's nursery that has transformed into Sterling and Boone's big boy room. They are pumped to show everyone where they sleep. They just love it in there. I'm really glad we have created such a sweet little place for the two of them. I'll be back tomorrow with more!

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