Friday, August 2, 2013

4 months (I can't keep up!)

I can't keep up with anything these days. Some weeks I manage to load up all three kids and take them to the zoo, the beach and then Charlie Safari on back to back days. Other weeks it's three days straight of pajamas and way too much screen time. This week was one of those weeks. It's Friday and for that I am very very and one more VERY thankful. We have a lot of fun things coming our way. I am hosting another baby shower for two beautiful ladies who are both expecting boys, road tripping to Salem for my alumni soccer game and to see my bf Kari who will hopefully have her newborn son in her arms and then continue the road trip to E.Oregon to visit family. We are pretty excited. In the meantime I have some massive cleaning, scrubbing, organizing and decorating to do! I love my crazy busy life! ...and have I mentioned that Sterling starts Kindergarten in 28 days?!? What is happening!!! :)

Here Capri is 4 months. She is sweeter than molasses, 14lbs and ridiculously loved by this family. That's all I got for ya right now! 

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