Friday, August 30, 2013

5 months

Our little lady is 5 months old. This summer went by so incredibly quick. We just got back from a ten day trip to E.Oregon and Sterling started Kindergarten this morning. I am trying to grasp onto each day as it's own but that seems hard lately. This summer was a blur due to adding a family member. Lots of transitions and new routines. Baby days are so sweet and so hard. Broken sleep, diaper changes, naps to keep up on, another mouth to feed, etc. What day is it again?! I often write a blog post in my head or think of something fun to share but by the time I actually sit down to write and upload some pictures it has all slipped my mind. So, once again, this blog is made up mainly of pictures and little words. This is life right now. :)

Capri is SWEET. She coos and has the softest voice. When she is upset she screams at a pitch that is unreachable for most people. She rolls over. She has eaten some solids and thinks all food is awesome. She wears 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers. No teeth and no signs of crawling - both fine by me. At her last doctors apt she was 75% in height, weight and head size. She lights up when Justin comes home and doesn't break a smile if her brothers are interacting with her. She is LOVED!

I shall be back soon with our trip and a re-cap of the Capri's's about time I finish that, right?!

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