Monday, August 12, 2013

Garage Sales

This last weekend was our town wide garage sale. It's one of my favorite events in Steilacoom. It competes with the annual Apple Squeeze and the firework show the night of the 4th. I would guess there are close to 75 garage sales (give or take) happening all on the same day at the same time in a few miles span. A little overwhelming and so darn addicting but all together FUN. I recommend going with your friends. Two years in a row I have gone with Alissa and Rebekah (and last year Mary-Hayden - we missed you!) and we have a blast loading our vehicle and sharing our treasures with one another. Here are some of my treasures from this year:
This was my biggest purchase: $5 sailboat
An awesome three drawer Drexler nightstand that just needs a middle nob: $3

Glass milk based lamp with mustard hide lampshade: $2
Little girl clothes: $2.50 (red sweats are Lucky cute)

 A few other trinkets (big blue frame, glass ware, 70's mustard pump): $4
 Old Tolkien books: $0.50
 Brand new Clinique make up bags: all for $1
 Total = $18
Pretty sure I would have bought the nightstand itself for 18 bucks. Score!

 ...can't wait to show you where some of these new treasures reside!

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Sarah, You found some sweet treasures! It was great running into you again and I am already looking forward to next years treasure hunt. :)