Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2009. GALLEY STYLE. Kitchen post #1

When we bought our home in 2009 in needed a lot of work. That's probably an understatement. The downstairs would flood because of the way a concrete patio was poured sloped towards the house. Insert face palm. Even with the state our new to us, previously banked owned, abandoned for years, house was in, we saw potential. Well, I saw potential. Home was written all over it for me. Justin, not so much. He must of been sleep deprived because he let me make an offer on this place before he even stepped foot in it. What a trusting man! He possibly thought I was a bit crazy when I showed him around but once I pointed out to him all the beautiful details, potential and my vision, we dove in head first together.

We spent our first 7 years here tackling each section piece by piece, room by room. We did bathroom remodels. Two in fact and one more to go. Tile work in the laundry room & cement removal outside. We forked out a chunk of change for a new furnace, new flooring downstairs, fresh carpet, buckets of paint and much more. Talk about a work in progress and some true sweat equity. The kitchen was something we always knew we wanted to re-do but were fully aware it was going to be awhile. Eight years later to be exact. We are SO glad that we waited. We had all that time to decide what layout & what style truly represented our family. Plus, plenty of years to watch YouTube videos on how to do it all!

The pictures below give you an idea of what it looked like when we moved in with little upgrades already in place. I really wish I had a picture of the original paint color (a fine pink) & the counters (yikes)! Pretty much a narrow and short galley style kitchen. We put in a few used, inexpensive appliances to keep it functioning till we were ready to start over fresh. We also removed white tile countertops that were pretty icky & unsalvageable & replaced it with charcoal colored laminate counters. A great option to hold us over for those eight years. I truly was never discontent with this space but often frustrated with its dysfunction. The cabinets were original to when the house was built in 1969. As much as I love old & re-purposed items, there is nothing more frustrating then drawers that cover your kitchen items with saw-dust when you open and close them. The tracks were spent and had done their time. I went years not using specific drawers & rinsing items from the ones I did use. Kind of a pain but I was fully aware that these were #firstworldproblems. So, we carried on. Enjoy these sweet old pics circa 2009. I cherish each and every one of them.

We hosted and fed a multitude of people in this space. I will always hold the friends near and dear to my heart that ate meals with us here and always saw us through every project with either helping hands or words of encouragement.

 I can't wait to show you through a series of blogposts, our slow kitchen transformation! I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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