Thursday, January 12, 2017

One wall at a time. Kitchen post #2

This post doesn't scream kitchen but it eventually will. These pictures are taken from our living room looking into our breakfast nook with our galley kitchen directly behind the left built in shelf.

When we first moved in, there was an array of colors. A sliver of yellow, to green, to red, to blue all in one room. Maybe some hot pink and salmon in the bedrooms but nothing a little paint couldn't fix. Sometimes a little TLC is all a home needs. Back in the 60's and 70's, a lot of individual spaces in a home was a common theme. The open floor concept wasn't a thing yet. We were determined to make this place catch up with the times.

We painted everything a neutral sandy color and filled the shelves and called it home:
Then one day I said "hey hun, you want to bust down that wall for a date night?" The hubs replied with a "definitely!" ...and this folks is how it all happens every.single.time. A whole lot of crazy. So we cleaned out the bookshelf and got to work. No turning back.
We thoroughly enjoyed our new opened up space. Phase one felt complete.

Fast forward a year (give or take...can't remember) and we were finally ready / had a wild hair to demo the other bookshelf in the living room that would fully expose the kitchen to our main living area. This was a little more technical and time intensive because of wires, more wall to remove and some finishing work. This felt like a really big deal to Justin and I. For the first time we were able to be in the kitchen and see another part of our home. To see the kids playing and running around the house and watch them on the deck was so exciting and it virtually cost us nothing. Hosting felt that much more special. I could see and talk with our guests while cooking. The only downfall was losing half of my  cupboard space but we both decided it was worth it. My crockpots found a new home in the dining room.

Here is a series of pictures of opening up our galley kitchen to create a peninsula. Goodbye cupboards!
Oh hey living room! I see you!
I'm pretty sure this was Valentine's day. If I remember correctly, we demoed this wall and then played a game of racquet ball which I became overly competitive in. We're super romantic like that.

Always a helper on the construction site:
Happy kids, happy wife, happy life.
Our kitchen stayed in this state for about 2.5 years. Tomorrow I will be back with the full demo of our kitchen and all our construction steps and design decisions! Thanks for being a apart of our journey!

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