Friday, July 6, 2012

Toy Room / Guest bedroom makeover

I'm finally getting this room up on the blog to show you the before and after! With all of this amazing weather, I have been living at the beach all morning and afternoon with the boys. You gotta soak it up while it's out because you never know how long it's going to last....though July doesn't have a drop of rain in the forecast!! 

This room is the largest bedroom in the house. We contemplated using it as the master bedroom because of it's size but we decided to take the smaller bedroom with the bathroom connected and be closer to the boys' room. This bedroom is a guest bedroom when company comes but is used daily as a toy room. We love having a room designed just for toys. I can close the door and voila! no mess to be seen! The boys don't have toys in their room which also makes for less clean up. I like that I can keep the craziness contained into one space! :) 

I have forgotten how bad this room was. The ceiling was sinking, the carpet was disgusting and there was a big hole in the wall (see pic below) that was covered up with a poster when we bought the house. Good cover up...we were definitely fooled. We would of bought the house even if we knew the hole was there so no biggie. Justin tore out the ceiling and replaced it along with adding new insulation and then fixed the hole. We painted, replaced carpet and that was about it! I still have a ways to go on decorating. It's a room that I kind of threw together to make functional and haven't put much time into. We will get there! Here it is:


(and why won't this picture stay centered? someday's blogger get's the best of me!...ugh!)


We removed the closet doors to slide the guest bed into to make more play space for the boys!
Pull out drawers, headboard, duvet, flowered chair, chalkboard = IKEA

Couch from our dorm days has made for great seating for my rowdy boys!

A little bit of Turkey in the room. My mom brought these back from Turkey in 1991 and has passed them onto me.

Lots of natural light in this room!

Another picture of the couch with some free printables off of pinterest!

 Can't wait to show you more of the house!! Time to go cook up some dinner!

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