Friday, June 29, 2012

abundant blessings

The last month or so has been so full that it's been hard to catch up and process everything that has gone on. My life has looked like this:
-Helping plan/decorate a baby shower
-.......then a bridal shower
-A trip to Eastern Oregon with friends (SO.MUCH.FUN.)
-Coming home to host a baby shower
-Watching 5 kids for a whole day
-A family of 6 coming to stay in our house while we were away
-Packing up and heading to the East Coast for a week

It may not seem like a lot but each event took a lot of preparation. I was in a constant mode of cleaning my house, packing and un-packing and trip & party planning. I am trying to slow down and count my blessings. This week the blessings have been so apparent to me that I had to write them down. I always love looking back and remembering these things. My humanness continues to allow me to forget all these great things, so having the ability to go back in my blog archive to do some re-reading is a blessing in itself . This weeks blessings (the list could be a hundred fold but i'll keep it to a minimum):
-playing in a co-ed softball league game (with a double header tonight)
-getting to sit in church with Justin and worship together
-having new faces in our Monday night Life Group
-multiple beach dates with Alissa, Libby & Jane, Mary-Hayden & Isabella and Katie
-walking/running with my family to the Farmer's Market and eating a whole large bag of kettle corn
-being able to drive 2 miles to my parent's house so my mom can watch the boys while I take a shower and vacuum out the car
-Boone and Sterling taking a simultaneous 3 hr nap
-Cake Boss on Netflix :)
-my sister watching my kiddos for me this morning so I could go to the dentist
-Old toys I found of my childhood in my parent's attic. It has been hrs of entertainment for my boys and I love that most of them are dated from 1987 to 1992.
-Being able to renew library books online. I have a good one checked out that I haven't started yet. Hoping I can get going on it before my renewals run out.
-Eating out with my family at Chevy's with the boys in their pj's.

This week also included things that didn't seem like blessings but totally were (may be far fetched to see the positive in these but I rather think this way!)
-stepping on a screw (the positive: I have feet and am up to date on my tetanus shot...phew!)
-getting a really bad sunburn on my back (the positive: the sun was out and I was at the beach - I'll take it!)
-having to have a crown done. 3 hrs in a dentist chair and a needle in my mouth - a whole lot of yuck (the positive: I have dental insurance and can receive dental care - totally take this for granted)
-having to discipline a 4 yr old constantly and survive many toddler tantrums (the positive: learning to cling to Jesus and die to self)

The best part of it all is the blessings to come. I am feeling overwhelmed by the amazing friends and family that I am surrounded by. In the next few days I get to:
-have lunch with friends at the Cheesecake factory and send off a friend to her new adventure to D.C.
-meet up with my friend Sarah from college and her precious twin boys! &
-a "meet in the middle" date with Kari! Seriously can't wait to see her and catch up. I'm still not sure why we haven't made neighbor status a possibility yet.
....I'll get on it.

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