Thursday, December 6, 2012

to the dentist we go!

Justin and I's Christmas present this year was a camera and it has already arrived...wooohooo! And no way were we going to wait to open it! A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Kari for letting me ship it to her to save some mula on tax. Oh how I miss Oregon and knowing what the price tag says is what you will dish out. No adding a silly 10% tax fee. Kari and I met in the middle (that's a whole separate post in in itself) just last week and it shipped the night before we met so she was able to give it to me. Perfect timing! Anyway, there is going to be a picture overload in the next month or two...maybe next few years actually. We are awaiting an arrival of a sweet baby girl and all! You know there will be a plethora of pictures of her. In just a couple of days, Justin and I have already taken a few hundred pictures trying to get used to this camera. There are a million setting and things to learn about a nice camera...we will get there in time and will always have more to learn I'm sure. I'm watching DVD's, reading the manual and mainly just taking pictures and deleting most of them. :) Looking like awesome tourists, we took our honkin' camera to the dentist this last Monday for the boys' very first dentist visit. Not only did the boys get their teeth cleaned but so did the two of us. 4 of us and 3.5 hrs at the dentist could have been a recipe for disaster but it surprisingly went amazing. The boys thought it was awesome and were able to get a complete check-up: teeth polished, flossed, x-rayed and fluoride to boot. I was kind of shocked myself. It's amazing how excited my kids can get about a free toothbrush, toothpaste and a little trinket out of the treasure chest. Now if only their flu shots will go that well next week. Kind of doubting it since I can barely hold it together for mine! Pray for us on Tuesday if you remember...we will need it! Here are some pics of the boys getting their pearly whites cleaned....

I am so proud of my little men!

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