Friday, September 13, 2013

Eastern Oregon in a nutshell

I got hit by a deer. My kids have a ton of cousins and it's wonderful. My in-laws are the best! All you can see is land - no people, houses, cars or street lights. Just land. Animals were everywhere. Two new puppies, five new kitties, grandmas chickens, porcupines, barn owls, coyotes and deer everyday. Tractor rides with grandpa and uncle Just. I was a picture takin' fool. The food was wonderful, as always. Horseback rides. Four wheelers. Rope swings. No Internet or cell service. FAMILY.

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  1. Tell us more about getting hit by a deer...

  2. I cannot even handle how amazingly wonderful this!! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!! Miss you

  3. The best of days are spent running around with cousins, and this place looks like the perfect spot to do it!