Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY felt bow headbands

I love crafting but haven't been around to it much. I mostly switch around furniture, pictures and rugs to get my crafty/artsy fulfillment and my silly need for change and/or production. I have a lot of felt and elastic left over from baby showers I have hosted where we have had a headband making station. I am trying to downsize my craft supplies because we have a couple moving in downstairs. More on that later. So, instead of getting rid of it I thought I would use some of it before I passed it along. Instead of re-inventing the wheel (who has time for that?) I wanted to share this really good and really simple tutorial along to you. Seriously, it is easy. Free template and everything. All you need to know how to do is use scissors and very little glue. Easy peasy. Here is the website: Six Sister's Stuff. All you need is scissors, felt, glue and elastic. DEFINITELY download the template. This is what makes them look good and be really easy. Free-handed bows aren't as cute as free-handed flowers. Here is my go at it:
Note: I followed the instructions to a T on the cow hide print bow and then decide to cinch in the next two for a little bit of a gathered look. A little trial and error. Both are fun, just a little bit different. You can't go wrong.
I used the big felt bow template. Cut each piece out and then pin it onto your felt and cut! This is what the template looks like:
And here they are on my little one. We love new headbands!

Here is the sizing chart I used. I think it's pretty accurate.
10" for newborns
12" for 0-3 months
14" for 3-6 months (I used this size for Capri)
16" for 6-9 months
18" for 9-12 months

Happy Crafting!
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