Monday, November 18, 2013

November 10-15 {thankfulness}

Nov. 10 - Good phone conversations. I am not a huge phone person. I actually really don't like being on the phone. I much rather sit in a coffee shop face to face for hrs to have a good conversation but that doesn't always get to happen. Friends and family move so you gotta do what you gotta do. I am thankful for a good phone conversation. I had a great one this week with a great friend of mine. She blesses my soul. If only I could have all of my favorite people in one place. Now that would be ideal.

Nov. 11 - Decorating. It is therapeutic for me. I love to create and re-create. It makes me happy.

Nov. 12 - Coffee. I could survive without it but I sure do love the smell and taste. I am thankful for coffee. All types. Give it to me iced, hot or black and I will enjoy it. Favorites are an iced vanilla latte from Starbucks, a Kahlua kicker from Dutch Bros and an iced honey bee latte from Two Teaspoons. YUM.

Nov. 13 - Justin. Saying I am thankful for Justin just doesn't seem like enough or fitting for this blog post after I say I am thankful for coffee and decorating but I AM thankful for him and it just so happens to be on my mind. He is wonderful. I could probably write a book on why I am thankful for him but I will keep it short. He seeks God and he loves God. In return our family gets a whole lot of love. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. He leads me and leads our children. I want to cry thinking about him. How am I so blessed to have a man like him to love, care and provide for me everyday? My kids have the coolest and most loving father ever. I am so thankful for that. God is good.

Nov. 14 - Sports. They kept me out of trouble, gave me some of my best friends to date, taught me discipline, teamwork and brought me a lot of joy. Because of soccer I was recruited to a small Christian college. The rest is history. I love that my kids are becoming of age where sports is something exciting to them. I am very thankful for sports!

Nov. 15 - Showers. Almost nothing trumps a good hot shower...well maybe coffee but it's a close call. ;) There is something refreshing about being clean and feeling renewed. I love and am thankful for a long hot shower. It's often where I retreat to after a long day of being a mom.

(Sterling's first wrestling match(es) and tournament. He had a blast!)

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