Friday, November 15, 2013

November 7-9 {thankfulness}

Nov. 7 - Driving. I love to drive. I am thankful we live in a place that driving isn't to hectic (I have driven in Mexico people, whoa!) I don't go many places during the week and have definitely turned into a homebody but I do love to go places when I have the time. I'm itchin' for a road trip!

Nov. 8 - My home. I'm thankful that we bought the house we did. At times it makes me angry (seriously) because the projects are never ending and it's old which means there are repairs that never end but it is beautiful and homey. Instead of seeing it as a time and money eater (sorry for those I have complained to about it!) I am working on seeing it as perfect dwelling place for my little fam. I love all the small details and the character it has and there are endless amounts of memories already made here that I will always cherish. This place is great and God is so good that he allowed all the little details workout for us to purchase it.

Nov. 9 - My extended family. I heard when you marry your husband you somewhat marry their family as well. It is kind of true. I am BEYOND blessed to have married into a fabulous family. Seriously my mother and father in-law and my sister in-laws and their families are the best. They are so loving, kind and generous. The didn't need to take me in as a daughter or sister but they did. I have never once felt left out or not a part of the Officer clan. I am proud to represent their last name. I don't know if I have ever met such giving people. They raised one fine young man that I get to call husband everyday. Geesh I've got it good!

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