Friday, November 22, 2013

November 16-22 {thankfulness}

Nov. 16 - Mail. I love mail. Who doesn't?! Tis' the season for Christmas cards - my fave! Justin always gets the mail when he arrives home from work but he ALWAYS let's me open the special mail like handwritten notes, cards and invitations. Can't wait for the first Christmas card to arrive...

Nov. 17 - MOPS. I love my MOPS group. I absolutely love the women at my table. I am thankful to get to hear little slivers of their stories every other week and encourage each other in our journeys of motherhood.

Nov. 18 - Life group. Monday nights are my favorite and have been for a couple years now. We meet with a small group of people from our church and eat a meal together and then study God's word. Monday night friends have become family to us.

Nov. 19 - Church. We have been blessed with a wonderful church. The people that attend are just unreal. Truly a generous, kind, loving and gracious bunch. Our gospel community has just blessed us to the core. We love our pastors and their families and their focus on Jesus.

Nov. 20 - Good people. Justin broke down yesterday right off our exit. Our Honda's alternator apparently had enough. A man and his daughter pushed Justin in the freezing cold weather to the gas station, called a tow truck for him and waited with him till help arrived. Talk about kind. I am so thankful for people willing to set themselves aside for a moment to help another. Wish I had their number and address. I am so thankful for them.

Nov. 21 - Baby hands. They are so sweet. Chubby fingers and dimples for knuckles. I could kiss Capri's little hands all day long. It's the little things...

Nov. 22 - Dates. Dates with my husband and dates with my kids. I am thankful for the time carved out in our busy schedule to spend one on one time together. I took Boone on a date today to get ice cream and get to date my husband tonight with dinner and a movie. I am a big fan of quality time. Thankful for dates today...and that my mom and dad will graciously watch our children so we can date each other 8 1/2 years later!

{Headbands and drool for days! She discovered warm air coming from the vents. I adore her}

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