Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY onesies

In my early to mid twenties it was all about the weddings and now as I am in my late twenties it's all about the babies. They are everywhere and I like it! :) I always like making something to gift but have to stick on a budget (Dave Ramsey style). Buying a pack of white onesies and a couple packs of iron on letters at Michael's will allow you to gift multiple times and something personal. OR some stencil's and fabric paint will do the trick as well! I always like to throw in a handmade tutu (if I find the time) if it's for a little girl or another article of clothing or baby item. I have found that you don't have to break a budget to bless a mom. Simply attending a shower for support and putting love into a gift goes a long way. Here is how to make a personalized onesie and some others I have made:

1. Cut your letters out as close to the edges as possible. You don't have a lot of room to work with when using a onesie.
2. Place your letters face down and make sure they aren't upside down or backwards! :)
 3. Iron slowly using a cotton setting. Check every 30 second or so by seeing if the letter will peel back. The package on the letters says you iron for a couple of minutes. I find it taking about ten. Caution: you can burn the onesie and make brown spots.
 4. Peel the letters off slowly starting at a corner
 5. And VOILA!

Here are some I made awhile back for some other baby showers:

My friend Sarah Todd had twins so her last name worked perfect to switch with "thing" and I made a Todd 1 and Todd 2 onesie freehand with fabric pens. It's important that you label those same gender twins so you don't get them mixed up! :) They are sweet little boys that we got to see just last month for a bit. Their names are Maverix and Brooks...too cute, huh?!

Here is using the iron on letters again but ironing on the back like a sports jersey. This is my friend Jessie's boy, Mr. Miles Ford that is now 2 1/2! I'm pretty sure he was just a baby yesterday.

....and here is his sweet younger sister Madden rockin the onesie that I monogrammed using a stencil and fabric paint along with a tulle tutu I made. She is so cute and is coming up on her first birthday:

Last but not least these sweet twins Tesa & Tyce. They are some ADORABLE babies. You gotta make long sleeve onesies for PNW babes. It's cold up here! :) ....and I got to babysit these two for the first time last month and their cuteness and sweetness made me melt the whole time. How can you not love these little faces?!!

Aren't those baby models just precious?! I could just squeeze and kiss them all till they cried but that is probably a bad idea. The first time you make these onesies it can seem tedious and time consuming trying to find and purchase all the right supplies but once you have all the materials stocked up it's a quick little project! Happy crafting!!

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  1. Great idea! You'll have to share how to make the tutus eventually. Love it!