Monday, September 3, 2012

SHS 10 yr reunion (already?!)

I had my ten yr HS reunion just two weeks ago. I'm not sure how 10 yrs have gone by so fast but it has! I still think I just graduated from college. Oh how I forget that I'm pushin' 30. Not quite ready for it. :) Anywho, the boys were watching me get ready for my reunion and were cracking up about my hot rollers in my hair. They wanted pictures with me and couldn't wait to see what my hair was going to look like once I took them out. How silly. I just love little boy humor. So, I look completely silly and this is one of our only pictures of both boys smiling - of course.

All ready to go!

And a couple of the family and once again we have pantless children. Like I've said before if it's after noon the pants somehow go missing.

And here are some pictures of the reunion which was way more fun than expected! It was a great turnout for such a small graduating class. Here we are re-enacting a 2002 photo...
and my friends that I went on my senior road trip to CA with....
Love these girls!
...and an attempt at a group shot even though a lot of people already left....
It was such a fun night and some definite memories were made. It sounds like everyone wants to do a 15 yr as well. I love that I went to a small school where everyone was friends. See you guys in 5-10 yrs!

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