Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My galley kitchen

Here is a little glimpse of my super small galley style kitchen. We have demo plans for the future (probably 3 yrs away still if I'm being realistic). It's super tiny with not much cupboard space but it does it's job just fine. The cupboards are original to the house which was built in the late 60's along with the dishwasher. They both gotta eventually go. The dishwasher hardly does it's job and the drawers are hard to open and shut and shed a fine dusting of wood particles when opening and closing. There are a couple of drawers I can't use. I try and see all the positives in this little space but I'll be honest it's difficult and is sometimes a stretch but I like to see them anyway. The positives: putting away dishes is just an arms reach away from the same standing spot, I can't hoard stuff and have had to simplify, my boys know where everything is and can help themselves to the snack cupboard (eeek) and feeding a crowd gets nice and cozy! You can't see much of the kitchen but you can get the idea...and there really isn't much more to see! ha!

Spoon and Fork: St Vincent DePaul - .99 cents. SCORE! Who goes looking for a spoon and fork and finds them in a junk yard? Yah, that's me! I find the strangest of treasures. They were a dark brown - white spray paint goes a long way. :)

Menu board: IKEA
Bar with organizers: IKEA
Curtain: Burlington Coat Factory (originally a long curtain that I turned sideways!)

Sometimes my counters are occupied by this little dude. I may of been blowing bubbles while trying to cook dinner. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sure there will be more kitchen posts down the road but I'll leave you at these cute pictures of this cute little Boone man half a year ago!

Isn't he sweet?

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