Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jet Lag

Here is my last post on our trip. Can you tell I was scarred impacted by our travels? The way back from Boston was a workout. I started our 15 hr travel day with a lot of optimism. We started our travels with a 2 hr drive from CT back to MA to return our rental car where we would hop on a shuttle to take us to the airport. We were in a hurry. When we got to the rental car place we didn't fill up the tank like we were supposed to because we didn't know where to find a gas station and in Boston with massive traffic we were willing to pay the little extra for them to fill it. The lady told me they would charge us $9 PER GALLON. SAY WHAT?! I asked where the closest station was and we drove like a bat out of you know what to save what would have been a $100+  gas tank. We got back and unloaded all of our junk bags out of the car and come to find out one of our boys packed Trevyn's potato gun. Oh great, a gun in our luggage, the last thing we needed. (Sorry, Trevyn - we'll get that back to you in July). 

We got to the airport and that's where the real workout began. Keeping both boys near us while I tried to print tickets and Justin tried to check our bag. Not awesome yelling in the airport but whatever. Half of the East Coast thinks we're crazy, I know it! Well, our bag weighed 59 lbs. Once again, what was I thinking packing one big bag for four people on a week of vacation. I'm nuts. There we were again, packing out clothes and shoes into our carry ons....just to save the $30 charge of an overweight bag. We are on a budget folks! Seriously, thank the Lord for family lines through security. We would of waited in line for 30-40 minutes and that just wasn't going to happen. Word on the street is that they are going to take that line away. I'm gonna cry when it happens. We survived through security with a pair of my high heels constantly falling out of my overflowing carry-on. We got to our gate with 40 minutes to spare. Justin and I's strategy with kids is to let them play and get every last wiggle out before we get onto a cooped up airplane with little room to move. So, like usual we waited till every person was on flight and there was ten minutes remaining. We walked up to have our tickets scanned and something wasn't working out. The computer wasn't reading our tickets right with having a lap child in an emergency exit row (or something like that). The lady was stressed out moving us all around the airplane on her computer just to print out something that would scan. I literally ended up with a stack of airplane tickets in my hand with one of them having a completes strangers name on it. Whoops! We had no idea what was going on but I turned into a stress ball and kept telling Justin we called it too close this time. He let it roll off his shoulder and they just let us on the plane.

Once we were settled on the plane, we had 6 hrs to Portland where we entertained the boys every minute of the flight (let's also praise the Lord for lollipops) and Sterling fell asleep right as we landed and Boone was extremely over tired. Exiting that airplane could of been out of a movie. Justin grabbed the back-pack, blanket, pillow pets and a screaming Boone while I carried my purse and another carry on and fireman carried our 42 lb sleeping 4 year old off. He was practically dangling upside down continuing to sleep. Pretty sure people were laughing at the situation (or rolling their eyes). At some point to our next gate we had switched kids. The sweetest lady walked by me (feeling extremely sorry for my situation - I looked pathetic I'm sure) and grabbed all my bags and wheeled them to our gate while I carried our irrational screaming 1 1/2 yr old. We made it. We survived. All we had left in our travels was an hr flight to Seattle and a 45 minutes drive home. The boys both slept that flight as it was 2 in the morning East coast time. I'm still feeling a little scarred thinking about the travel home and I have myself convinced we aren't flying for another three years. It was a good learning experience and I have quite the list of "what not to bring" on our next flight. 

The next morning Boone woke up at 4am (7am to his little mind) so we spent the whole day in jammies making pancakes and playing. It was a much needed recovery day. Mad props to all of you moms who travel alone with little ones. I don't know how you do it.

This is the last picture of me smiling on this day on the shuttle to the airport. :)
Knocked out in the airport!
Back home!

It's been a week since being home and we are finally back to normal (besides the runny noses in this house). We are getting back into a routine and won't be heading out till the end of July - so very thankful for that. Cheers to the sunshine that showed it's face last week!

....and stay tuned for another room makeover and a giveaway!

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  1. That's a gorgeous dress. :) Your boys are adorable.