Friday, June 1, 2012

Man Cave & Craft Room

Wow this room has come a long way but still has a longer way to go. This is the room in the house that haunts me in my organizing dreams. The paper work, memorabilia from younger days, craft supplies and more are a little overwhelming. I know we will get around to it eventually. This room used to be a bright yellow with a bright red fireplace. I painted it this pee green color and have been on the fence about it. Is it too late to change it up? I think I need to remind myself constantly that this is not our forever house. If I have painters remorse I need to either 1. get over it or 2. change it. Not sure what we are going to do yet. For now, it will stay green and that's okay. My hopes are to simplify the room and purge of at least half the crap crafts.

Here is a pretty new addition:

Why did I paint the ceiling as well? Well because they did. Sometime you just shouldn't follow suit. Another regret that I am trying to getting over. :) Downstairs was all concrete and nasty carpet.

We layed pergo because we got a super great deal on it and Justin could do it himself. Score and score.

And here it is 2 1/2 years later. I painted to fireplace white and we added a little mantle. The carpet is one of my parents' from Turkey and I found the chairs for $25 total at Goodwill.

We still need to do trim around the door frames and the baseboards and someday I would love to either stain or paint all of the furniture.

And here is my super scary craft corner. I need to get rid of half of this stuff and de-clutter. I hold on to's a problem. I'm going to label all of my bins and would like to put up cork board. I see a massive project coming on this summer!

I can barely look at this picture because of the mess but I think by posting it, it will give me some motivation. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day weekend. We just got back from a big trip to Eastern Oregon and are already packing up again for a trip to Boston and Connecticut....can't wait! More on all that later! Blessings!

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