Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sterling's room - all the stages

The owner's before us Loved pink with a capital L. I'm not a hater on the color pink but there was so much pink in our house (they must of had multiple girls) that I was on pink overload. Being the only female in my house, pink is quite rare. Maybe I will have a better appreciation for it if I ever have a daughter myself. This room was chosen for Sterling so it needed a major makeover. A big thank you to Mark Miller who barely knew us at the time but came over to help us paint this room so we could get moved in quicker. A true blessing!


The stages of his room. Green walls. Trees painted. Crib in. Perfect for a one year old.

Owls and bird houses up. Big boy bed. Perfect for a two - three year old.

New curtains. Bunk Beds (minus a mattress we need for the bottom). Perfect for an almost four year old.
I raised all the curtains in our house as high as they can go just below the crown molding (IKEA curtains are made really long which is awesome) and it makes such a big difference. It makes the window look much larger when you give it a larger frame. You can see the difference from the brown curtains to down below.

We threw a little baby mattress on the bottom for a little reading nook. We have had our whole family on that mattress reading books together in the evening. It means a lot to Sterling when we are all below together.

Look at all the fun that can be had now! Sterling is loving that he can hang and climb in his own room. I'm pretty sure he thinks we gave him a jungle gym. A great tip for bunk beds is to take a fitted sheet and put it on the top mattress on the bottom side so you don't see the underside of the mattress. I obviously have not used my own tip on this one yet. I'm getting there...

Eventually Justin and I would love four our boys to bunk together. I have some fun ideas/themes to use for the boys once they are roommates. So, in the next year(ish) I'm sure you will see this room again looking totally different. I know you probably think I'm crazy but I always do things on the cheap...promise! :) After the difficulty of transitioning Sterling into a big boy bed we have decided to keep Boone in his crib as LONG as possible. He hasn't tried climbing out yet, phew! I just love the thought of them sharing a room. It will be interesting to see how much they play, talk and switch beds with one another - I remember doing that all with my sister. Sibling memories are the best.

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