Friday, December 7, 2012

a little glimpse of girlyness

Sometimes I just walk into the nursery and stare. Stare at the little items of pink and all the sweetness that surrounds them. Everything is so delicate and precious and I love every bit of it. Justin and I tackled her nursery a few weekends ago which of course put this planners heart at peace. We primed, painted, moved some furniture in, ordered her rug, made her mobile and installed my great grandmas chandelier. We just need to add some wall decor, a crib an incredibly loved baby girl and all is well! I love going into her room with my boys. They love to look at her clothes and try on a few of the headbands we have for her. They pull out her little ruffly pants and tights and giggle. It's like they have never seen this stuff before! They are more than excited to meet this baby girl and they talk about "baby sister" everyday. Sterling tells the world about her and makes sure every human that he comes in contact with that he will be changing her diapers "all by myself". They are even into setting their hands on my belly until they feel her kick. They squeal and say "ow! baby sister kicked me!" and then run away giggling. It's pretty sweet and I know her arrival is going to change our world forever. Here are a few pics of her soon to be dwelling place and some of her sweet kicks.

My Great Grandma Kitty's Chandelier. She was born in I believe 1907 so who knows when this is from. The 40's or 50's maybe? I love being able to pass family heirlooms down!
 OH my. Little girl shoes. Can barely handle it.
 Wishing I had a pair of pink moccasins!
I love both of these thrift store finds from years ago. Sweet ballerinas and an angel that got a little white spray paint makeover. Under $5 for the both of them.
 All hand me down clothes from our annual MOP swap.
Can you handle the sweetness?!

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  1. I love this sweet little Officer so much! So so so happy!