Monday, December 10, 2012

garage sale find

Steilacoom is my cute little hometown that was the first established town West of the Mississippi and is known for it's charm and historical homes. We have a precious little wagon shop, old school barber shop, ice cream parlor, etc. It is one cute little town! There are tons of garage sales throughout the summer here and I can't help but stop at them to see if a treasure is to be found. It really is one of my favorite things to do. Garage sales trump thrift stores (with exception of St.Vincent DePaul). Most people are trying to purge and clean out and just want their stuff gone. Don't mind if I do! This house I stopped at two summers ago had these old windows for $5 that I couldn't pass up. Actually I did pass them up and then turned back around to purchase them after I found enough change in my car! Yes, I payed in change. That was before our Dave Ramsey kick which is all about cash. My credit cards do me no good at garage sales! Along with the windows, I found a patagonia snow suit that I purchased for my friend Libby's daughter for a buck! Gosh, I love a good find! These windows were a deep blue color so all I did was put on a quick coat of white spray paint, enlarged some pics to 8x10 with white borders (costco) and placed them on the window with a thin piece of double sided sticky tape that you can't see and then finished them off with some burlap scraps. They usually hang in my bedroom on each side of the bed but right now we are giving that room a makeover - imagine that! :) They are going to be hanging out in baby girl's room until they are ready to go back up in ours. In the summer, I always suggest a quick stop for a glance over at a garage sale and remember to carry some cash!

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