Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Master Bedroom makeover

I wanted to paint our room and make it more airy and light. I ran the idea by Justin thinking he would say no way do we have the time for that after making over the boys' room and the nursery (plus an entry way closet makeover...I'll be showing you that soon) but he said sure! When I am given the green light I am not slow to get started! :) I was inspired by The Lettered Cottage blog where they painted their sun room Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine. Like they said "it was the exact grey-to-white-to-warm ratio." I went to Lowe's and had them do a color match with their ValSpar signature paint so we now have our own version of cloud nine which was way more white than I thought it would be but love it so much. The room feels so much bigger, cleaner and happy. I really can't wait to get some creations on the walls! I did a few hours of rolling and Justin did a few hours of edging over a span of two days and voila! We had to sleep in the guest bedroom one night but my hips hurt so bad the next morning (this is pregnancy related) that we finished our room ASAP so I could sleep on our softer mattress with all of my pillows. I'm such high maintenance when I'm growing little humans! :) Here is a sneak peek of our new room (and we now have a King bed!) but first the old room:
and the new room painted in cloud nine...

Whadda ya think!? 
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  1. Beautiful! I really enjoy all your creative ideas and seeing the amazing results! Thank you for sharing!

  2. You always do such an AMAZING job!!!!