Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A scrap banner for the little lady...

There are some serious projects goin' on round here! :) We are just 9 weeks (plus a few days) out from meeting our precious little bundle of love! This pregnancy has flown by but I'll be honest in saying it's getting much harder both physically and mentally. Hard to carry my boys or let them sit on my disappearing lap, tough to find the energy to clean house and play and my biggest challenge is keeping my mind engaged and strong. I need to remind myself daily that the longer she stays put the healthier and more ready she will be and that this process is a beautiful and miraculous one to go through. I do believe in the three G's of pregnancy: Growing to Glowing to Groaning. I don't want to groan but I've gotten good at it lately. I need to knock it off. :) 

Her sweet little room is coming along nicely. Everything is done but some wall art and bedding. I love having it all ready for her and it gets me ridiculously excited to meet her when I go and glance in there every evening. I still can't quite wrap my mind around a little girl that we will get to call our own! CANNOT WAIT. I made her a scrap banner to go above her crib. I made one awhile back for a baby shower I hosted here and I had no idea how easy they were (and I was going to add quick but that's not totally true). The longer and thicker the banner the longer it will take. This one took me a few hours, but truly an easy project. I had some leftover scraps that I incorporated and then bought 5 different prints in half a yard each. Just fold the half yard over and cut 2ish inch strips at the crease.

...Sterling took this picture of me tying on the scraps to a thin rope. Good job "S" man! Really that's all you do. Just tie the scraps in a knot and then hang. Simple enough!
Hung and all done! 
I'll be back with some more projects soon!

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