Thursday, January 10, 2013

back to school...wooohoooo!

...and the wooohooo is from Sterling. I love my littles here at home with me. I would be lying if I didn't give a little wooohooo for the structure and routine school has provided for us (and 3 hrs of alone time) but I never want to send my kids off with the attitude of getting rid of them for the day. We took a parenting class this last year from an amazing family and one of my favorite lines that I took away from it was "I had you to be with you." That is what I want my kids to know and remember. Christmas break was great. We had a lot of good play days in p.j's. and adventures at Charlie Safari, Fantasy Lights and night time drives to look at all the lit up homes. After two weeks off, Sterling was excited to go back to school and I'm happy about that. He loves his teachers, loves his friends and loves doing something out of the ordinary. He was so happy about going back on Monday that he washed his face (even used soap), combed his hair (for a good 10 minutes), named his classmates and put on a button down shirt to look "fancy." It melted my heart. He even wanted his picture taken. He is really growing up. I've loved hearing about his days back to school and having some good conversations that have lead to some great learning moments. I love this boy!

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