Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The finished entryway!

There you have it! Dingy useless closets turned bench seat, shoe storage and a place to hang your coats. Last week I hosted my MOPS leadership retreat and to have all the women place their belongings in this nook was awesome vs. on the floor in the entryway or delivering them to a bedroom like before. We loved how it turned out! The paint color is the same as our daughters nursery that we are working on (love using leftover paint) called Benjamin Moore - Stonington Gray. The baskets are from Marshalls and the lumber, wainscoting and hooks are from Lowe's. We had our family picture blown up at Costco and I used a hand me down frame. The pillows are all ones I made with my mom except the blue and white chevron one (Marshalls). Pretty inexpensive project!
We need to put a little piece of trim at the edge of the bench. Not sure if we will use wood or a strip of tile. We want to re-tile the entryway so we will decide then.

Here you can see our attic crawl space entrance where the drop down ladder comes out. To finish out the project, I will add four 8x10's of the kids (gotta wait till baby girl is born!) to go on each side of our family picture and then on the side walls.
You would think I am all projected out around here but I am still going strong. I have a few ideas floating in my head that include the laundry room and a guest bedroom downstairs. I'm sure you will be seeing more from me sooner than later! :)

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  1. Seriously, how do you think of these things?! Beautiful like usual.

  2. Looks very cozy and comfortable. Good job to Justin for putting your plan into action. Good job for drawing up the plan.

  3. I love it Sarah! I'm going to show David - I want to put our washer/dryer out in the garage and have a bench like this in our laundry room (it's tiny and the dryer stops the garage door from opening). I'm really impressed that you are doing so many projects while you're pregnant! I feel like I didn't get anything done while I was pregnant with Audrey!

  4. Thank you Caley! My inspiration comes from having a deep dislike for dysfunctional spaces, cluttered spaces and spaces to hide stuff that you really don't need :) Thank you for your kind words!

    Thank you Kathleen! I love collaborating ideas with the hubby! Justin did a great job! I appreciate your comment!

    Tricia - we started the project before I was pregnant and I really didn't do all that much. Just designed it and painted the bench white. Justin did all the handiwork! :) I would love to re-do our laundry room as well. Someday! Hope you and the babes are doing well!


  5. What were the materials that were used to construct this DIY Project? I am looking for a creative way of bench seating in my entryway and this is my answer. Thanks Diane