Monday, January 7, 2013

Entry Way DIY

Justin and I started this project in the spring. I was bathing the boys one evening and grabbed a pad of paper and started drawing/designing this space (little to his knowledge). I whipped up a drawing and gave it to him. He was on board. These two little closets only collected junk, had gross mis-matched carpet and never got a paint job. I envisioned an open space. A space to make the entry way feel bigger when you walked in the front door and one that would have some better purpose. Over a few months here are the steps we tackled to get the space we desired:
Stage 1: Demo
Stage 2: Drop down ladder installation
Stage 3: Electrical work
Stage 4: Bench installation
Stage 5: Bead board / wainscoting installation
Stage 6: Trim work & Paint
The first 3 steps were all done in the Spring and then we took our time with the design work and just finished up last month. Tomorrow I will be back with the finished space!

Here are the closet spaces that we wanted gone (kind of wish I took a picture of them filled up but I think I saved myself some embarrassment):
Boone ready for demo...

After cleaning up the space it became a little hangout nook for the boys. A perfect spot for breakfast smoothies :)

It also became a sweet spot to put bedding and watch a movie on the portable DVD player...

Then the hubs installed a drop down ladder. This is our only entry to our attic (which still has a few items in it from previous owners...yikes). Justin always has ankle biters helpers to pass him tools.
And after installation of the ladder he did a little bit of electrical work. This always takes longer than anticipated. I'm just glad he knows how to do it! Do my kids ever have clothes on? 

Then Justin designed a bench, bought some lumber and went to work. He is so quick!
I originally planned on buying a pad and covering it for this bench but once it was installed and painted it looked like a sweet park bench seat. Justin designed it that way (vs plywood on the top) so I kept with the idea. I love collaborating our ideas!
And I failed to get pictures of the painting process and wainscoting installation. I'm sure you don't mind. I will be back tomorrow with the finished space!!

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  1. I absolutely love it. I also LOVE the pics of the little helpers and how much you guys enjoy these projects!! Looking forward to the end project!