Tuesday, May 15, 2012

for the love of coffee filters

15 glue sticks + 600 coffee filters + white spray paint + leftover burlap scrap for a ribbon= a $5.00 and three hour lamp makeover. I bought this lamp at least five years ago at Goodwill in Salem, OR for a few dollars and it desperately needed a makeover. This took a lot of folding, a lot of gluing accompanied by many applications of burn cream and Phineas and Ferb band aids on almost all of my fingertips but totally worth it. It's a little frilly for the living room but I'm okay with that :) How fun to put this in a little girls room someday!

Kind of nice to get rid of the 70's look and to enlarge a lampshade that was once too small for the size of the lamp base. I am lovin' the new look. Also I am thinking of painting that side table white and distressing it eventually. Fun project! Happy Crafting, friends!

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