Friday, May 18, 2012

a table for two

Justin and I have had this sweet little table our whole marriage. It used to be our only table in our home. It suited us nicely. Now it's our boys table. They eat most of their meals here together passing food, giggling and making faces to each other. I love it. We decided to give it a little makeover. Of course I gave it a makeover...what don't I makeover? I guess when you live a life of "attic living" and take any hand me down furniture from anyone to fill your home, most things need a little re-vamping!

So I of course painted it white. I just love white paint and always have some on hand. I always recall a conversation I once had with our neighbor girl when I think of white paint. I was outside painting a dresser white and she said "why did you choose that color?" I told her that I liked how light and airy it was. She straight up told me "it is boring and you should have probably gone with pink." I found myself defensive and starting to debate the little one on color choices. I soon stopped myself remembering that she was 3. Haha. What three year old girl wouldn't choose pink!?
After it was all dry I free handed our wedding date and the word 'love'. I grabbed some sand paper from the garage and roughed up the whole table and then added two coats of polyeurothane (similar to polycrylic but it has a yellow tint to it and seems a little more durable to scratches from dinnerware and squirrely boys).
I love that I still have our first table almost 7 years later. I hope to continue adding special dates on and around the table. I can already see it being passed on to a daughter in-law that would think it was pretty special...okay I'm getting ahead of myself!
Happy Crafting!
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