Monday, May 7, 2012

a little bit of chevron

...and not the gas station. It's a beautiful print that seems to be making it's rounds all over pinterest and now in stores. Target has chevron printed baskets and kitchen hand towels that are adorable. I bought the hand towel for my kitchen in black and white because the red clearance sticker screamed "buy me" with a whoppin' 1.99 price tag. I love a good deal and a little pop of pattern in each room. I purchased our kitchen table at a thrift store about three years ago knowing that we were expanding the family soon and I wanted at least 6 seats for hosting. It wasn't the prettiest of tables but I knew I would eventually get my hands on it for some kind of DIY project. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and one of my gifts was to have my hubby all to myself and pick a project that he would focus on with me. He speaks my love language...seriously. So here is the project in picture form. I will try and explain the process as best as I can but I let my husband do most of the math in his head and I was A-Okay with that. I love that I married a math major...he whips up numbers and adds fractions quicker than I can count to ten. I would still be working on this table if it wasn't for him! Thanks babe!

{Table before}

Then I painted it white probably five months ago and covered it with a table cloth till we had the time to work on it. Here Justin is measuring the length and width of the table deciding on how many chevron "stripes" we want...

Putting our dots along the edge of where we want our peaks and valleys to hit. I decided I wanted 8 chevron's (though you should do an odd number if you want the top and the bottom to both be the same color...I am kind of eclectic and didn't really care - this may drive some of you nuts. Understandably so!). I also wanted all the chevrons to be the same size. Some peeps do a skinny one, then thick one, etc.
We used a chalk line to make even lines across the table. This was brilliant of my husband (he always likes a good excuse to go grab another tool) because the chalk wipes right off when you're all done.
Then we decided how jagged we wanted the chevron to be. You can have it dramatically going up and down or barely peaking. We then made dots on the chalk lines of where we were going to have the chevron peaks and valleys.
You then start connecting your dots diaganolly. Up and over then down and across. Where the tape lines look close together is where the white stripes will be. The tape goes on the inside of the dots.
Finished taping....
And start painting. I mixed the wall color from my dining room with a the light grey from my mantle/hallway bathroom and some white to tone it all down. I didn't want to be too matchy matchy with the walls and table.
Finished painting! I suggest you peel the painters tape off when you are finished painting. This way the paint doesn't dry and make it hard for you to peel or chip the paint. After the paint dried I painted the table with three coats of Polycrylic so it would have a clear and smooth top for wiping down.
...and Voila!

Email me if you want help or more tips with this project. There are many ways to make chevron patterns but we found this way to be the quickest and simplest! Happy crafting!
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  1. I'll admit I was a bit skepticle when I ready chevron table. But that is awesome! I love it. Way to be brave. Totally paid off!

  2. Turned out great! Love the color choice.

  3. Thanks for the deets! I am gathering inspiration for a sofa table, and I love your size and color choices.