Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the best job in town

Being a mom. It definitely has it's ups and downs like most jobs do but with my job, well I get to train up little warriors that by the end of the day give me hugs and kisses, snuggle and call me "mommy." I feel so loved and blessed by my family and am very grateful that the Lord has entrusted me with two great little boys that will someday be men. At times I fear that I will mess up or miss something in my parenting but I remember that God is love and if all I do is give them love then I show them God. Easier said than done. God's grace is so abundant and I need every ounce of it. I have a really really great job. To watch them grow and explore together every single day is quite the blessing that I wouldn't trade for the world. And seriously to have the greatest man at my side to train these little boys up with is ridiculously awesome. My cup is running over!

My boys really blessed me on mother's day. Sterling knew something special was happening because he sung me happy birthday once or twice :) This is how the day went...

Woke up to a LARGE pancake with smiley faced bacon and coffee :)

"back off of my bacon!"

Daddy said it was mom's day and they needed to give me a little space. So they sat five feet from me and read books. Love it.

We went to the beach for a couple of hours

Then I went to lunch with my Grammy, mom and my sister to get our grub on and celebrate together.

My sister and I! Glad we get to mother together!

Then I came home to flowers...I love tulips! Thank you boys! Sterling was really excited about giving them to me.

We then trekked on to church and snapped a quick picture afterwards at home. You like how I'm straining in this pic? They are 70 lbs together...thank God for hips to plop them on! :)

AND THEN they surprised me with these! What in the world? You would of thought these were requested, right? Not at all. This was all Justin and the boys on their own! They went to Nordstrom's and scanned all the rain boots while I was away in Boise. Our backyard often requires rain boots because of all the mud. Now we all have a pair! We have had such great weather and will be for awhile but I can't wait for the first rain to give them a try :)

I hope all of you mom's out there had a blessed Mother's day. I recently read THIS article at Rage Against The Minivan and it just knocked my socks off. You should give it a read if you have the time. Us mom's have a really tough job and we tend to make it even tougher on each other by criticizing one another's parenting styles. Really all of these mommy's wars we wage are pointless and we should really focus on the kids that don't experience love and have parent's. I love how the picture at the bottom of the article says it all "let's stop quibbling about what competent mother's are choosing for their kids, and step it up for the kids that don't have one." The article really got me thinking on Mother's day and it has challenged both Justin and I to not even discuss the things parents do that are different than are parenting style and focus and pray for the kids that don't get to experience family. Perspective perspective perspective. It get's me every time!
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  1. So glad you read that AWESOME article at Rage Against the Minivan. Totally my new favorite blogpost ever! :) Happy Mother's Day to you! LOVE the new boots!!!