Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pillow Talk

{this post is from last year leading up to Christmas but I am going to start transferring some of my crafting posts from my personal blog over to the olive many of you have already seen this post. And sorry the pictures are so is when my camera was going down hill fast!}

I wanted to get a little crafty this year (2011) with some of my Christmas gifts. We drew names for Christmas and we ended up with lots of ladies to buy for (meaning I had the perfect excuse to get crafty.). I stood in line for about an hour and a half two months ago at JoAnn Fabrics to buy 7 yards of burlap on sale along with a mass amount of tulle to make tutus for my niece Paige (I will have to show you a picture of the red one I made for her - so cute). It was way too long of a wait but it was worth it in the long run. By the way, did you know that burlap comes in many colors? I always thought of it as just the brown potato sack color but it comes in creams, greens and red at JoAnn's. Fun Fun. I had a craft night with my mom a few weeks ago and we busted out these five pillows together. Her sewing skills are greatly appreciated! I use a yard of burlap or so per pillow and stenciled with fabric paint. Pretty self explanatory.

This pillow was for my mother in-law. Jim and Andrea Officer, established in 1975
This one was for my sister in-law. Justin and Lisa, established in 2009
This was for my cousin Meg. Jeremy and Meg, established in 2003.
This one was for my other cousin Hailey. Tim and Hailey, established in 1998.
...and this last one was just for fun! It was inspired by Pinterest with some altering by me.
Here are all the beauties lined up. It feels so good to craft! I love that each pillow is different. When I craft these I just start stenciling with nothing planned or measured out. I love using leftover scraps and stenciling without measuring out the spaces between (it takes way less time...unless you mess up that is!) I hope all you ladies out there enjoy your monogrammed anniversary pillows! Love you all!

Happy crafting!
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